Kata 10-hour Program

twi kata 02The TWI Institute’s Kata 10-hour program follows the proven format of the traditional TWI programs (Job Instruction, Job Relations and Job Methods) - 2 hours per session for 5 sessions. It clearly demonstrates essential Kata concepts, scientific thinking, and the behavioral principles upon which Kata is built. The program provides expert guidance in establishing current and target conditions, identifying obstacles and PDCA based experimentation. Much of the time in this learn-by-doing program is spent practicing the Coaching Kata while mentored by TWI Institute Certified Kata Trainers. Upon completion, participants are ready to start using Kata.

This proven training methodology includes:

10-hour TWI format (five 2-hour sessions)

  •  Gives the learner knowledge and practice in manageable segments
  •  Allows mentee to absorb material in between sessions
  •  Accelerates learning and proficiency

Learn-by-doing approach

  •  A more effective teaching approach. Hearing and/or seeing is not enough.
  •  Practice and mentoring uses real problems.

Consistently delivered, tightly defined program

  •  All participants receive the exact same training delivered by Certified Trainers.
  •  The practice of Kata will be standardized. It will look and feel the same throughout the organization. This is essential for long term sustainability.